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Discharge planning has never been easier. In iVisitDoc, you can see who's being discharged with a single click. If you want to see who's being discharged today, just click the TODAY button. Want to see who's being discharged tomorrow? Just click the TOMORROW button. After one click, you'll see a page with a photo (if available) and the name of anyone scheduled to be discharged that day.

Furthermore, icons on the patient census screen will alert you to any patient who's being discharged today. Easy, right?

During the discharge, it's important to ensure that all the i's are dotted and t's crossed. That's why iVisitDoc has a Chart Audit screen that shows everyone who's been discharged, but still needs a document to be signed off in the chart or a form to be completed. With iVisitDoc, you can easily drill down to the patient's file and see all the forms. You'll see the status of each form including those pending signatures, as well as, who needs to sign it.

Finally, iVisitDoc has a series of Discharge Reports such as Discharge Types and Therapist Discharge Report. These reports include important information on the operation of your treatment center and helpful graphs that visually display your data in an easy to consume chart.

Discharge Planning is just another reason why iVisitDoc is the Gold Standard EMR for Addiction Treatment.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is a snap!

Click 'Today' or "Tomorrow' next to 'Discharging' to see your clients that are pending discharges for these days.

Click ON the word 'Discharging' and enter a date range to see a list of patients pending discharge.


Outcomes Reporting

Document 'Discharge type' on your discharge summary and run reports for outcomes.


Discharge Types

iVisitDoc EMR comes with a list of 'Discharge Types' and we also give you the option of customizing your list in Settings.