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Integrated Billing

iVisitDoc's billing component automates and expedites the claim submission process in order to speed up payments and reduce your expenditures. It provides full-stack revenue cycle management with detailed tracking of all billable items, appointment scheduling (with automated text message reminders), integrated payment processing, and full reporting with deep and easy-to-view analytics. Every claim is tracked for 100% accountability. We're watching your cash flow.

iVisitDoc's Integrated Billing reduces errors. And errors are expensive. No more manual claims. Your claims are automatically created directly within the iVisitDoc EMR. Our Integrated Billing also provides you with basic chart audits, so your staff is notified immediately in the event that a patient has not met duration requirements for a specific level of care or insurance coverage. There's built-in error checking if a claim fails to meet clinical requirements. No missed billing when documentation is latent. All billable services are captured and displayed, and you get summary reports on all claims, billable and non-billable - all within iVisitDoc . Pursue every dollar with our Claim Follow Up module. With iVisitDoc's Integrated Billing, you always have a clear view of your financial performance.

Regarding billing codes, they're flexible! You can easily customize them for the way your facility works. Quickly assign codes to each billable service that you provide. List the service type for services provided, even for different locations. All of this within the iVisitDoc EMR. No wonder iVisitDoc is called "The Gold Standard." Here are a few details of iVisitDoc's Integrated Billing:

    • iVisitDoc's Integrated Billing enables full-stack revenue cycle management
    • Time-Saving Integrated Payment processing
    • Use our fully customizable, pre-designed reports, or easily create your own
    • A powerful claims submission engine supports submission protocols for clearinghouse and payor
    • Real-time notification of rejected claims
    • Batch claim submission for eligible payors and batch EOB posting
    • Claim status checks
    • Intelligent patient ledger and patient billing system allows you to create customized 'final demand' notices
    • Integrated credit card payment processing
    • Automated patient statements and patient A/R control
    • Integrated code Scrubbing Engine
    • Secure Patient Payment Portal with complete payment history
Integrated Billing

Powerful, Integrated Billing Within the iVisitDoc EMR

iVisitDoc Integrated Billing is the latest in our suite of products designed to optimize and enhance both the clinical and financial aspects of your business! iVisitDoc 's integrated billing application is a powerful tool that allows claims to be created and transmitted from your iVisitDoc instance. We may call it new, but its core has already processed BILLIONS of dollars in claims. The integrated billing application allows for customizable billing code management, enhanced level of care and evaluation definitions, superior authorization capabilities, automated claims creation via a complete transmission interface, built-in clinical error correction, claims batch tracking, and billable items reporting.


At A Glance

    • Expedites the claim submission process and speeds payments
    • Increases facility profits and reduces staff expenditure
    • Increases the efficacy of the claim submission process by reducing user errors that occur during the manual claims entry process
    • Automated claims creation directly from iVisitDoc
    • Provides basic chart audits in the form of duration calculations and alerts the user when a patient has not met the appropriate duration requirements for that level of care or insurance coverage
    • Built-in error handling and display for claims that do not meet clinical requirements, incomplete records, and services provided outside of your patients' admission and discharge dates
    • Eliminates the chances of missed billing due to latent documentation - all billable services are captured and displayed by both DOS and by date of completion
    • Provides summary reports of both billable and nonbillable claims directly from iVisitDoc allowing your staff to run detailed analytics


We Cover The RCM Stack

    • Full-stack revenue cycle management
    • Completely customizable reports that come with a multitude of stock report templates
    • Robust contract and fee schedule creation and maintenance, perfect for both contracted and non contracted organizations
    • Powerful claims submission engine that supports detailed claim submission protocols with the clearinghouse and payor
    • Real-time claims rejection that lets users know within seconds when a claim is rejected
    • Batch claim status submission for eligible payors that allows integrated claim status capability one click of a button can send hundreds of claims to be reviewed for current claims processing status
    • Claim status checks can be automated and sent on a schedule that is fully customizable to meet your organization's individual needs
    • Intelligent patient ledger and patient billing system allows for customizable final demand notices, patient balance, and payment plan tracking
    • Integrated credit card payment processing