Remote Patient Monitoring Made Easy

NowRPM enables continuous patient monitoring breaking the episodic care paradigm so you are in constant communication with your chronic patients. Reduce readmissions, improve your patient's health outcomes, and increase your bottom line. All devices are always at no cost to Medicare patients and come ready to use out of the box -- no smartphone, apps, Bluetooth, or WiFi required.

What Is Remote Patient Monitoring?

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Receive Free Devices

We provide cellular-powered monitoring devices that can measure blood pressure, glucose levels, pulse ox, and/or weight. The devices then automatically send the information back to iVisitDoc.

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Act On Irregular Readings

Because the information is sent automatically, teams of nurses or medical assistants can quickly evaluate, and escalate the high-risk cases, thus maximizing your time with healthcare professionals.

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On-Demand Support

Our devices allow qualified health professionals to communicate with you on short notice to help you understand your readings.

Quality healthcare starts with quality doctors

If you're feeling sick, it's one thing to have the fast and easy convenience of a virtual doctor visit, but you also want to know that the doctor treating you is experienced and highly qualified.

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Convenient Doctors

When you’re sick and need care, our team is standing by around the clock. Available 24/7, our providers can help get you on track as well as order prescriptions, if needed. We’ll take the hassle and guesswork out of feeling better.

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Our RPM Process

We make Remote Patient Monitoring Effective

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Free Devices For Medicare Patients

We provide the necessary devices for your practice at no cost to you nor your patients. We also manage all the shipping logistics for your devices.

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User-Friendly Devices

All of our devices require no set-up, installation, or special attention from you or your patients. The only thing patients need to do with our WiFi-compatible and Bluetooth-ready devices is to turn them on and they will work right away.

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Turn-Key Time Tracking

All RPM-related services are automatically tracked, time-stamped, and backed up through our platform for a worry-free audit experience. This way you spend more time with patient care than administration.

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Seamless Integration

Our flexible yet robust platform allows for easy integration with FHIR-based API connections through any vendor or EHR system.

Our RPM Devices

  • Free Devices for Medicare Patients
  • Built-in 4G Connectivity
  • User-Friendly Devices
  • Ready to use out of the box.


4G Ready

Out-of-the-box Use

Test Reminders

Blood Glucose Result Notifications



4G Ready

Emergency Call

Heart Rate Monitor

Sleep Habit Measure




4G Ready

Out-of-the-box Use

Low-profile Design

Built-In Battery Saver



4G Ready

Pulse and Blood Oxygen Reader

Low Blood Oxygen Level Alarm

Blood Glucose Result Notifications

RPM Use Cases


For Pharmaceuticals

Improve the low medication adherence in chronic diseases

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For Doctors And Outpatient Clinics

Spend more time practicing health with patients, not administration.

For Individuals

Empower yourself to control your chronic condition and feel more comfortable.