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Assessment Tools

iVisitDoc has an extensive library of forms to choose from.

You can easily customize existing forms or create unique forms to meet your specifications.​

Creating forms is an easy process in iVisitDoc but customization goes far beyond that: modify form titles, edit signature requirements, decide who will manage your forms, will your forms populate automatically, change tabs, assign your forms to be used in different locations etc.

iVisitDoc Messenger: Our HIPAA-Compliant Messaging and Telehealth Smartphone App

The Safe, Secure Way To Communicate With Patients or Between Staff.​

From iVisitDoc (live), you can now send assessments, consents, evaluations, questionnaires, surveys and forms to clients or potential clients to fill out and return as live data in iVisitDoc . A secure telehealth platform that allows you to communicate with patients and between staff, including one-on-one therapy sessions

Assessment Tools

An important requirement for clinical treatment includes evaluations and assessments. With iVisitDoc, pre-loaded assessments are readily available for selection and use. iVisitDoc allows you to create your own assessments as well as customize from the provided library of forms. All assessments pre-populate with the demographic information from the patient's file along with a drop down option to view all past evaluations. Our Patient Journey capability integrates medical, clinical or any other treatment plan items directly with your clinical assessment(s), progress notes, and group session notes.

  • Information in each form can be populated from another evaluation or assessment
  • Over 100 hundred templates available in our growing library, or easily create and save your own assessments
    - Bio-Psycho Social
    - Eating Disorders
    - Sex Addiction
    - Suicide Risk Assessment
    - Minnesota Personality Test
    - Admission Screening Assessment
  • Ability to customize existing or create custom templates / forms / assessments
  • Library of Joint Commission and CARF tested forms
  • Our Patient Journey capability links all aspects of the treatment process to the treatment plan including objectives for a specific diagnosis or problem.


One of the most important legal matters facing the health care industry as a whole is the protection of personal information and compliance with HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

The Addiction Treatment industry is not exempt from the HIPAA laws and must comply with these regulations. One of the best ways to ensure compliance is to invest in an electronic medical records (EMR) platform that is HIPAA compliant.

iVisitDoc was designed inside the Addiction Treatment community For the Addiction Treatment community. And since Day One, iVisitDoc has always had the security parameters in place to ensure your records are protected and HIPAA compliant.

Of course, we have to add that your organization must also have policies and procedures in place to ensure the human element follows all the HIPAA regulations.

But, it brings great peace of mind to the owners of treatment centers knowing that their records are safe and secure inside of iVisitDoc's fully HIPAA-compliant environment.