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Reporting is one of iVisitDoc's best features. iVisitDoc has a huge volume of pre-designed reports based on our years of experience working with treatment centers. You can use these reports immediately or customize them as you see fit. Chances are, there's already a report designed for your needs, but you can always create and design new reports from scratch. Our report builder makes building a report quick, easy, and some users even call it fun.​

All reports can be exported to an XLS native Excel file or to a comma-separated CSV file.​

To make it easier to create reports, we've created 3 types of reports:

    • Operations (Reports to analyze your business, e.g. therapist discharge analysis, referrals, occupancy, length of stay, and standard business metrics)
    • Financial (Reports for billing and utilization review, e.g. billing report, insurance authorizations)

To protect sensitive reporting information, you can also administer different levels of viewing of your reports depending on the user role. Our security features allow you to control various parameters, from editable to viewable only by the owner. Or you can allow all users to have access to report editing and/or viewing permissions. The important thing is that you control the rights to the reporting.