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iVisitDocEMR takes Admissions to a New Level!

Efficiency and flexibility sets us apart from the rest. Our one button click operation automatically loads the entire admissions package, allowing admissions personnel to reduce typical admission time from three hours to just one.

Multiple live snapshot dashboards and reporting mechanisms facilitate the entry process without missing any key regulatory elements.


Huge Library of Ready To Use Forms

iVisitDoc's EMR includes numerous Standard Templates of forms to meet every need. Customized Templates including Pre-Admission Assessments, Consents, Evaluations, Insurance and forms specific to your facility can be created and customized as required.

Interactive History Screen tracks even the smallest of details including fingerprints, picture property, extensive demographics, referring agents and much more.

Patient/Client Dashboard

All admissions forms are pre-populated with information from the Pre-Admission stage. Advanced electronic signature features within the system and client specific process flow allows seamless admission of a patient, all from the comfort of your iPad, Android Device or Desktop Computer.