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Full-featured Telehealth comes to the iVisitDoc EMR. Telehealth sessions are scheduled seamlessly via the iVisitDoc calendar, with invitations sent to participants via email. No enrollment or sign up necessary. We support one-to-one or group sessions. Providers can manage attendee lists directly from iVisitDoc and launch the meeting with one click. Appointments can be for a single date and time, or on any recurring schedule you choose. It's that simple.
iVisitDoc Telehealth

    • One-to-one or group telehealth sessions
    • Seamlessly integrated with the iVisitDoc EMR
    • Supports single date and time, or recurring schedule
    • Invitations sent directly from iVisitDoc EMR to meeting participants
    • Waiting rooms for participants prior to host starting the meeting
    • Hosts can admit participants one at a time or as a group
    • Ability to screen share
    • Ability to organize breakout rooms
    • Fully HIPAA-compliant

As telehealth becomes an accepted treatment option, more patients, clinicians and therapists are relying on technology in their service delivery model, and payors are responding. Telehealth: here to stay "We built the telehealth integration to make sure that nobody's treatment gets interrupted because of the pandemic and we see this becoming a permanent tool for the future for our clients and their patients."