Dermatology FAQ

What are the minimum qualifations to work for the Dermatology Service?

We are looking for board-certified dermatologists who are eager to help more people get the skin care they need.
Dermatologists must also hold an active state license and DEA, have no more than one open malpractice claim, and have no open licensing board complaints or probated or restricted licensure.

What are the top conditions that iVisitDoc Dermatology treats?

iVisitDoc Dermatology treats a variety of concerns, with our top two consult requests for acne or rash-related issues.

Does iVisitDoc have set schedules?

Currently iVisitDoc is able to allow Dermatologists to work their own hours. You can add to your current practice or build an entire telemedicine practice, dependent on your licenses.

How are visits conducted?

Dermatology visits are asynchronous and are managed over the platform. There is no phone call or video call involved.

What is the age range fo the patients I will perform consults for?

iVisitDoc Dermatology provides services to patients of all ages. iVisitDoc and the physician determine the best age ranges for the Dermatologist to treat based upon the physician's comfort level and the physician's current practice age population.

Do I have access to the electronic medical record (EMR)?

Yes. iVisitDoc requires each patient to complete a medical history disclosure prior to the first consult, along with uploading 3-5 images of the concern.

How long is a typical consult?

The average consults takes 10 minutes to complete.