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Kansas Telemedicine Policy

Kansas Telemedicine Policy

Kansas recently implemented a parity law for telemedicine. However, even though the law establishes coverage parity, it permits the payers to establish their own reimbursement rules for telehealth services.

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Parity Laws

Kansas passed its telemedicine parity law on May 12, 2018! The law requires private payers to cover telehealth services but leaves it up to them to establish their reimbursement policies. The law also allows coverage for telehealth under the state Medicaid program.


Kansas Medicaid defines telemedicine as “the use of communication equipment to link healthcare practitioners and patients in different locations. This technology is used by health care providers for many reasons, including increased cost efficiency, reduced transportation expenses, improved patient access to specialists and mental health providers, improved quality of care, and better communication among providers.” This broad definition leaves the door open for many different types of telehealth services. At this point, Kansas Medicaid reimburses for live video and home telehealth (remote patient monitoring) for certain medical conditions.

Kansas Medicaid follows the traditional hub-and-spoke model, which requires patients to visit a spoke site (such as a rural health clinic) to access the telemedicine technology and consult with a provider at a distant site.

Type Of Telemedicine Covered

Kansas Medicaid currently covers live video telemedicine and home telehealth or remote patient monitoring. The program, unfortunately, does not reimburse for store-and-forward or patient interactions over phone, email or fax.

Covered Health Services

Kansas Medicaid will reimburse for live video for the following services as long as the patient is present at an eligible originating site:

  • Office visits
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Pharmacological management services

Kansas also provides reimbursement for real-time home telehealth services used “to monitor the patient for significant changes in health status, provide timely assessment of chronic conditions, and other skilled nursing services.” Note that prior authorization is required. You can find an online copy of that form here.

Eligible Healthcare Providers

Unlike most other states, Kansas does not have any state-wide regulations on which healthcare providers can bill for telemedicine.

Online Prescriptions

Telemedicine providers in Kansas must have a pre-existing relationship with the patient to write a prescription. Physicians cannot write prescriptions solely based on an  e-questionnaire, or e-consult, or telephone consult.

However, this may be updated soon. Kansas’ new law requires the state to establish rules for the prescribing of drugs, including controlled substances, via telemedicine by the end of 2018.

Informed Patient Consent

Kansas Medicaid does require written patient consent for telehealth home services. 

Cross-State Telemedicine Licensing

Kansas is part of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which helps expedite the medical licensing process across state lines. This process makes it easier for out-of-state healthcare providers to provide telehealth services to Kansas patients.

Restrictions On Locations

Kansas Medicaid states that patients must be present at an originating site, but does not specify what sites qualify as an originating site.

Reimbursement Rates

Kansas Medicaid reimburses telemedicine services according to the current physician fee schedule amount for that medical service. So reimbursement rates for a telemedicine service should be the same as the comparable in-person medical service.

Billing Codes

For a full list of the billing codes for telemedicine services, see the telemedicine section of the Kansas Medicaid Manual.  Note that you’ll use each relevant CPT E&M code along with a GT modifier and a place of service (POS) – 02 Telemedicine code.

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