Our program is designed to limited the need to take an extra step

iVisitDoc merges cloud-based technology, operational support, and health care dedication into a versatile telemedicine solution, designed to go above and beyond the demands of traditional hospitals and health systems

A Leader In Telemedicine

iVisitDoc is a multi-faced software that makes outcomes more reliable and improves financial risks. It is powerful enough to retain current patients, acquire new patients, and has the capacity to expand your brand as far as it can.


Efficient delegation of your time allows you to better your care effectively

Network Stability

iVisitDoc prides itself on it's tight-knit network of physicians and other care providers to deliver top quality within a reasonable timeframe.

National Outreach

Our growing community requires a growing pool of care providers. Our strong track record of retaining patients allows us to grow exponentially and assures quality care to the community

Partner with iVisitDoc To Reap These Benefits


iVisitDoc is taking to the skies through the use of a robust cloud-based design and powered by Microsoft Azure

Air-tight secured information that is highly reliable

Bidirectional exchange means easy information input and and retrieval

A dedicated physician network means quick care delivery 

Self-service administration for real-time data analytics and reporting

Mobile-friendly multi-party video and patient information gathering

Superior end-to-end service and support