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New Mexico Telemedicine Policy

New Mexico Telemedicine Policy

If you’re considering practicing telemedicine in New Mexico, you’ve made a wise decision! Across the board, New Mexico has some of the most comprehensive and supportive telemedicine policies in the country.

State Policy Overview



Private Payer




Additional State Telemedicine Info

Parity Laws

New Mexico enacted their telemedicine parity law in 2013! This means private payers in Mexico are required to reimburse for telemedicine services in the same way they would cover comparable in-person medical services.


New Mexico Medicaid covers telemedicine for all services under both fee-for-service and managed care plans. That includes standard consultations, behavioral health, dental, hospice, home health, rehabilitation, and school-based services. The one limitation seems to be on remote patient monitoring, which is not included in New Mexico’s definition of telehealth.

Type Of Telemedicine Covered

In New Mexico, telemedicine is defined as both interactive two-way video and store-and-forward technology. New Mexico Managed Care reimburses for both of these types of telemedicine.

Covered Health Services

According to the ATA, New Mexico covers one of the widest ranges of telemedicine health services in the nation, including:

  • services from behavioral analysts
  • services by addiction/substance abuse specialists
  • counseling services
  • social work services
  • home rehabilitative services
  • school-based services
  • dental services
  • hospice services

Eligible Healthcare Providers

Great news! New Mexico Medicaid doesn’t place any restrictions on which providers can bill for telemedicine.

Online Prescriptions

Physicians must establish a patient-physician relationship before prescribing, which can be done online during a live video exam. Before writing a prescription, the practitioner must obtain a medical history and informed consent, generate a medical record, and perform a physical examination if needed.

Informed Patient Consent

New Mexico does not require getting a patient’s consent before a telemedicine visit. However, we recommend doing this anyway as a telemedicine best practice. 

Cross-State Telemedicine Licensing

While New Mexico is not yet part of the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, it does issue telemedicine licenses to out-of-state providers who hold a full license in another state and meet New Mexico standards for “good moral character.”

Restrictions On Locations

More good news on New Mexico Medicaid: there is no specific requirement on where the patient needs to be located at the time of service.

Reimbursement Rates

New Mexico has true parity for telemedicine. All fees paid for telehealth must be equivalent to in-person rates.

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