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Mississippi Telemedicine Policy

Mississippi Telemedicine Policy

Mississippi is currently suffering from one of the nation’s worst physician shortages, so it’s a good thing the state has progressive telemedicine laws! In their most recent report, the American Telemedicine Association gave the state a straight-A record on their telemedicine policies.

Mississippi has a telehealth parity law that requires health insurance plans, private payers, and Medicaid to cover telemedicine services “to the same extent as in-person consultations.” This not only applies to live video telemedicine but store-and-forward and remote patient monitoring solutions as well!

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Parity Laws

Mississippi has had a telemedicine parity law in place since 2013. As one of the most far-reaching parity laws, it guarantees that private payers, state employee health plans and Medicaid will cover all three major types of telehealth services: live video, store-and-forward, and remote patient monitoring! 


Mississippi Medicaid covers most telehealth services that are deemed medically necessary. This applies to live video, store-and-forward, and home telehealth solutions.

Type Of Telemedicine Covered

Mississippi Medicaid and private payers are required to cover video consultations, asynchronous store-and-forward platforms, and patient monitoring – under certain conditions. However, no reimbursement is allowed for phone, email or fax services. All the more reason to use a secure telemedicine platform.

Covered Health Services

Mississippi’s Medicaid program does not have specific restrictions stated on which medical services are covered and which are not when delivered through live video technology. The manual merely states that they must be medically necessary.

However, the state does require that remote patient monitoring used for patients with certain chronic conditions: diabetes, congestive heart failure, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Eligible Healthcare Providers

Mississippi doesn’t limit which healthcare providers can practice telemedicine.

Online Prescriptions

Mississippi providers cannot prescribe medications based solely on an internet questionnaire.

Informed Patient Consent

Mississippi does require getting a patient’s consent before doing a telemedicine visit. We recommend this anyway as a telemedicine best practice!

Cross-State Telemedicine Licensing

Mississippi is now one of several states that have joined the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, which facilitates the medical licensing process across state borders. Additionally, an out-of-state physician can practice telehealth without a Mississippi license if their service was requested by a Mississippi-licensed physician who has an established relationship with the patient.

Restrictions On Locations

Mississippi Medicaid does not have any restrictions on where the patient needs to be located during the telemedicine service.

Reimbursement Rates

Parity laws in Mississippi include the stipulation that telemedicine reimbursement rates must be equal to in-person visits.

Billing Codes

To bill telehealth services in Mississippi, use the appropriate HCPCS code along with the GT modifier (for live telehealth) or the GQ modifier (for asynchronous telemedicine). Refer to the state Medicaid Telehealth Manual for more details.

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