iVisitDoc allows you to keep medical costs low, while providing high quality healthcare for your employees

Providing a cheaper solution that employees can use

iVisitDoc Is Reimagining Telemedicine


Whether you want to schedule a visit with your doctor by web or mobile app, iVisitDoc provides you choices. 


Our doctors have 20 years of experience and resolve 94% of member issues for same-day visits. 


We work to ensure your employees get the care they deserve. With a 22% member utilization record, we can ensure constant care throughout the year. 

World-Class And Dedicated Care Is What Matters

When you mesh a revolutionary platform with an expansive and growing network of well-qualified health care professionals, you get the unconditional support of you. iVisitDoc is the solution to provide a concrete foundation of information across all our clinical specialties. 

General Health

Anytime, anywhere, our vast network of background-checked, board-certified, and experienced physicians are available to address an expansive range of common conditions. 

Dedicated Support

Our extensive knowledge base of support can be accessed anywhere you go. We also have a team ready to answer and guide you to the answers you need. 

Behavioral Health

Your employees don't need to wait to consult a therapist. iVisitDoc has an extended network of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and social workers that will listen and can help provide treatment and guidance. 

Learn How iVisitDoc Can Benefit Your Organization